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Imagine having access to EVERY KIND of ADHD coach all in one place! Good News! This podcast does just that! Coaching ADHD highlights coaches who specialize in the following ADHD areas: -Executive Function Coaches -ADHD Coaches -Wellness Coaches for ADHD -Nutrition Coaches for ADHD -Hypnosis Services for ADHD -EFT Coaches for ADHD -Mindset Coaches for ADHD -Life Coaches for ADHD -Tantra and Intimacy for ADHD -Business and Entrepreneurship for ADHD and so much more! Coaching ADHD is a podcast associated with The ADHDirectory and hosted by Kamden Hainsworth (IG/TIKTOK: Kamden_ADHD), founder of The ADHDirectory. This podcast will open your eyes to just how much ADHD support is available to you as we introduce you each week to one of our 30+ coaches that we host inside our private platform called The Coaching Connection. Episodes include ADHD support through: -Education -Coaching -Interviews and more! Let this podcast be the BEST FREE ADHD COACHING you could ever have asked for! Can’t wait for you to get listening!

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Monday Jun 26, 2023

In this special episode recorded during Pride Month, we bring you a thought-provoking presentation titled "Masking, Identity, and Understanding Yourself." Originally recorded inside The Coaching Connection platform, this episode features Bella Lalo, an ADHD Coach and Entrepreneurship Consultant from Long Island, New York.
Bella's journey of self-discovery began when she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 29, realizing how profoundly it impacted every aspect of her life. However, that was only the first layer she uncovered. Bella also came to understand her true gender identity as a transgender woman. With the support of her network of family, friends, coaches, and therapists, she found her calling in providing support to others in the ADHD and LGBT+ communities.
The challenge addressed in this episode is the struggle faced by individuals with ADHD in understanding their values, desires, and true selves. Often, in an attempt to fit into a world that may not always accommodate their needs, ADHDers resort to masking, adopting behaviors and identities from external sources, and losing themselves in the process. Bella shares her personal experience of peeling back these layers of ADHD masking, exploring how and why we don these masks, and guiding listeners on embracing their authentic selves.
Tune in to this enlightening episode to gain valuable insights into the complexities of ADHD and the journey of self-discovery. Join Bella Lalo as she empowers listeners to shed the masks they wear and find their true identity amidst the chaos, offering hope, understanding, and support for both the ADHD and LGBT+ communities. This episode is made possible by The Coaching Connection platform, where personal growth and transformation thrive.
Bella Lalo,
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Podcast hosted by Kamden Hainsworth, founder of The ADHDirectory

Monday Nov 21, 2022

Sophie Krupp created the @theadhdcycle because she is passionate about uncovering and sharing the impact the menstrual cycle has on ADHD. Sophie is an educator who is formally trained as a midwife and health coach.  Follow @theadhdcycle on Instagram to stay up to date on her work.   
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Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

Today's podcast presenter is Candace Fox. Candace is a Psychosomatic Sensory Practitioner helping teens and adults develop tools to regulate their nervous system. She uses EFT and other techniques to help facilitate this result. Today she dives in with the permission of a client from The Coaching Connection into a technique called Goldmining. You can use this technique as well to help regulate your own nervous system. 
WARNING: Today's episode should not be listened to while driving. We suggest a calm and safe environment in order to get the most out of the activity. 
Disclaimer: Client was informed and agreed to her work being broadcast on today's public podcast. We do not require our coaching clients to go public with their sessions. 
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Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

Many ADHDers struggle to know what they need to do to get from where they are now to where they want to be. In this episode Coach Andy Gil introduces a helpful tool and perspective that can support ADHDers in gaining clarity for their desired outcomes and what steps they might take to get there. 
Coach Andy Gil
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What is ADHD Coaching?

Saturday Oct 01, 2022

Saturday Oct 01, 2022

In this episode you'll learn the power of having an ADHD coach, what an ADHD coach is and why getting an ADHD coach is different from life coaching and can be helpful for someone with ADHD. 


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